Magical Uses And Benefits Of Aloe Vera, You Didn't Know

Aloe vera is a magical plant with numerous health benefits, beginning with its natural contents. The plant contains antibacterial properties, vitamins and minerals that can ease eczema, psoriasis flare-ups, aid in the digestion of foods in body and many more. Because of its magical benefits many creative and enterprising beauty experts are using it in making numerous types of beauty and health products that are very effective.

Aloe vera also contains anti- inflammatory properties, so many researches and studies are still being conducted to discover more benefits of the magical Aloe vera plant. Many experts and researchers have discovered different natural aloe vera uses in making home remedies. To enjoy this benefits you have to look for a pure vera plant to get the gel, if it is not available at your area you can get it from any pharmacist or other health food stores.

The plant is believed to have been used for over 6,000 years, although the origin of magical plant is unknown but according to researches it is believed to have originated from Sudan. The plant is a short- stemmed juicy plant that grows about 60– 100 cm in height, it's leaves are thick and fleshy
The color of the leaves depending on the geographical location varies from green to gray-green.
The plant is believed to contain 18 amino acids that deliver numerous health benefits to the body, it is globally used and recognized for its health benefits. It is mostly seen in various locations such as : Africa, Egypt, Spain , Italy, Japan, Indian and many other countries.


1. Improves Digestion
Aloe vera contains adaptogenic properties which are beneficial for digestion in the human body. During digestion it helps to ensure better assimilation of the nutrients in the food, it also eliminates harmful elements through smooth excretion. According to studies it is proven that Aloe vera cures digestion problems and diseases such as - peptic ulcers, Crohn’s disease, digestive tract disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and others - constipation , piles. and many other gastrointestinal conditions.

2.Skin Care
Aloe vera is an ancient skin ailments, the pure gel extracted from the Aloe leaf is among the best effective natural remedy for skin problems and aging skin conditions. Due to the benefitial effects of Aloe vera on the skin, many experts are now making use of Aloe vera in the preparation of different personal care products and cosmetics. The Aloe vera gel is more effective when it is being applied on its raw state on your face or skin.

3. Hair Care
Aloe vera is good for growing and your hair naturally, it contains different essential properties that helps in retaining and maintaining a healthy hair . For those that are experiencing hair loss, you can apply Aloe vera gel to your scalp and hair completely in order to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
Aloe vera gel contains inflammatory properties that is good for your hair when it is used regularly as your shampoo and conditioner. Apart from the prevention and treatment of hair loss, Aloe vera can also be used in the treatment of other hair problems such as Androgenetic Alopecia.

4. For dry, cracked feet
Just like face masks, Aloe vera is a beauty ingredient that can be used in the preparation of foot mask. According to studies it was proven that Aloe makes dry and cracked feet soft and highly moisturized. In order to enjoy this benefit, you have to rub the Aloe vera gel all over your feet until it is well exfoliated. You have to sit and let it stay for 10 minutes, after this time you can wash off the gel from your feet with warm water.

5. Treatment Of Wounds
Aloe vera is a magical natural healer ever known and discovered, according to different health issues and studies it was discovered that Aloe vera is very effectively in the treatment of third- degree burned victims. It speeds up the healing process by restoring the burned skin faster.
If used externally, it is the best option for wound dressing. When it is being applied externally on injuries it works like magic, enhancing the process of wound healing.

6. Reducing Blood Sugar Level
Aloe vera gel can be used by diabetic patients, it lowers blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients are advised to consume raw Aloe gel because it has beneficial effects on reducing blood sugar levels.

7. Cure For Gum Diseases
Different dental and gum diseases can be cured with the use of aloe vera extract. This is one of the most common natural remedy you can try at home for treatment of gum and dental diseases. In order to keep your gums healthy, you can try gargling the Aloe vera liquid around your mouth before swallowing. When brushing your teeth you can can also add some aloe vera powder on your toothbrush, after this you can brush normally.

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