Blood Sugar Swings And How To Control Blood Glucose levels

In people with diabetes there are different ways the glucose levels in the blood can be affected and cause problems with sugar control. Depending on each individual, it reacts differently to various items that influence blood sugars. For diabetes patients their blood sugar levels can be affected by the compounds in the food they eat, for example their blood sugar level can rise after drinking coffee, black tea, and some energy drinks due to the presence of the compound caffeine. There are also certain compounds that individuals suffering from diabetes might use to examine their own blood sugar levels and how it is being affected.

Your blood sugars level can be affected by large number of things, including what you ate , how long ago you ate, your initial blood glucose level, physical activity, mental stress, illness, sleep patterns, and many more. You need to be careful watching over the level of glucose in your blood, if you already have a high level of glucose in your blood. It is advisable for you to take insulin and use it for treatments, but with this you can easily end up developing low blood sugar. If you develop a low sugar level , it is also very easy to overeat and end up high again. It’s time you have to learn how to keep your blood sugar level at a normal state. To learn how to eliminate this complications you’ll have to do some tests on your own, you can carry out this test with your blood glucose meter, you should try conducting your tests before and after variety of meals, activities, and stress. This can help you to pinpoint what is actually making it to go up or down and figure out a way to stop it for good!

Managing diabetes can be very hard, because you have to be prepared for unexpected blood sugar changes, just like I said earlier for diabetic patients certain foods and drinks are often to blame for the fluctuations in your blood's sugar level.
Stress can also lead to problem, because when the body is under stress it releases certain hormones which sends large amounts of glucose into your bloodstream in order to prepare your body for action. Stress response can lead to a rise in blood sugar level.

Major Causes Of Blood Sugar Problems And How To Control Them

1. Stress
Stress is among the common ways through which your blood sugar level can increase above the required amount in your body. Just as I explained earlier, when you're under stress certain hormones in the body are produced, their work at that time is to send nutrients (glucose/sugar) into your bloodstream to prepare your body for the next action.
If you suspect that stress raises your blood sugar, you should make out time and check your sugar level for some period of time about a week or two. You have to rate your stress on a scale from one to 10 and your blood sugar. At some times you will have to take a break, during that break period you can engage your self in certain activities like taking a walk, riding a bike or taking a simple exercise.

2. Sugary Foods
Couple of foods out there claim to be "sugar-free," but most of this foods raise blood sugar level. Certain food that are tagged to be sugar-free contains carbohydrates in starches, fats, and even fiber, this foods when taking too much without moderation raises the blood sugar level. Foods that contains high amounts of carbohydrates are likely to raise blood sugar levels very high, for diabetic patients with time they may cause some organ damage.
Also some alcohol have certain sweetening ingredients and may also raise the blood sugar level.

3. Chinese Foods
Some foods that are high in fat can cause blood sugar to stay higher for a longer period of time. Most oily Chinese foods are not healthy for diabetic patients, also other foods like Pizza, French fries,and other fried foods have high percentage of carbohydrates and fat/oil. You should try to avoid this type of foods because of the high carbohydrates and fats contents. For those that are checking their blood sugar level, you can see this for yourself by checking your blood sugar level about two hours after eating any of the food listed above!

4. Sickness, Cold and flu
Cold, flu or infections is a type of physical stress that can raise your blood sugar just exactly like mental stress. Most cold medicines contains sugar in order to help boost your blood sugar level, during illness your blood sugar rises as your body tries to fight the illness. Certain medications that you take during the period of illness contains antibiotics and decongestants that may alter your blood sugar.

During sickness you should always check your blood sugar level l every 2 to 4 hours, in order to determine how your body is reacting to the illnesses and treatments. You should also stay hydrated with lots of clear fluids, and follow a meal plan and proper medication.

5. Sports Drinks
Sports drinks are designed to contain appropriate amount of water and sugar required to replenish body fluids and energy in an individual quickly. Many of them contain huge amounts of sugar/glucose and is not advisable to be taken by a diabetic patient. For workouts plain water is good for replenishing your body fluids, only for intense prolonged workouts sports drink may be appropriate to boost your energy.
For people with diabetes you should first seek the advice of your doctor to know which particular sports drink would be better for you.

6. Birth Control Pills
Women with diabetes should first seek for an advice from their doctor, in order to know the best birth control options for them. According to The American Diabetes Association (Ad) it was reported that a hormone known as Estrogen that is present in birth control pills can affect the way a diabetic patient may respond to insulin. It was advised that diabetic women should use only birth control pills containing norgestimate and synthetic estrogen. They also suggested that the best birth control methods for diabetic women is by injections and implants, because they have no effects on the blood sugars levels. Women that are using birth control methods should monitor their blood sugar levels, to know if the method they are using is good for their body!

6. Household Chores And Vigorous Exercises
Activities such as cleaning the house or mowing the lawn are physical activities which most of us do almost every day. For diabetic patients this type of activities may lower their blood sugar level because of the lost of energy. People suffering from diabetes should only participate in mild physical activities and exercises. Vigorous physical activities and exercises lowers the blood glucose.
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